Wild Wide-Open Spaces: Wyoming

Well, that was an experience. We’ve had all kinds of mishaps over the years on our travels, but our trip to the Wind River Range in Wyoming really took the cake. Long story short, a day into our trip our car had a total breakdown and threw our already short stay totally off the rails.

While we weren’t able to cross off all the hikes on our list thanks to the aforementioned car trouble, it was still so nice to get away. The entire area is a hidden gem; the nature spectacular and amenities great without being totally overrun with crowds.


- We loved our stay at the Log Cabin Motel. The cabins are clean, cozy and quiet.  A great location just a block from downtown with lots of shops and restaurants. Only a select number of cabins are dog friendly so be sure to call ahead. 

- Breakfast burritos at Heart & Soul Cafe; coffee from Pine Coffee Supply. (Both within easy walking distance of the motel.)

- Wind River Brewing Company has a dog-friendly patio and good beer. (Note: if you’re vegetarian do yourself a huge favor and don’t bother with their “seasonal vegetables.” You’ll just receive a skewer of raw grocery store items that include large chunks of raw zucchini and entire raw mushrooms—woody stems and all. Also, their veggie sandwich is the same aforementioned uncooked/unseasoned items slapped between two pieces of bread. Save yourself the heartache and stick with the fries.) 

- The entire wilderness area is dog-friendly. There are few hikes that have leash restrictions, but for the most part dogs are allowed off-leash. Some hikes on our list (did not get to all of them due to aforementioned car trouble): Half-Moon Lake, Lower Green River Lake Circuit, Pole Creek Trail, Seneca Lake Trail.